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          Scarborough Stingers Elite Baseball is a competitive program with an advanced outlook on the importance of providing the best training and coaching possible.  It is geared towards giving our players the opportunity of furthering their baseball experience.

          Elite tryouts are held in late August and dates will be posted on our webpage with plenty of notice. Tryouts are followed by a Fall Ball season consisting of 4 - 8 exhibition games and a late September Canadian Showcase Tournament.

          All of our Elite players will train a minimum of two days a week spanning November 1st - April 30th at Baseball Development Group (BDG) where each player will be put on an individual training program built by some of the best baseball minds in the country. Some coaches may add a third practice day.  Scarborough Stingers Elite Baseball’s main focus is player development and demands a player that is self motivated and hungry to improve. Our athletes will be pushed out of their comfort zone and challenged on a daily basis in order to improve themselves both mentally and physically.

          Our Elite program is part of the EBLO which plays teams all over Eastern Ontario. Our regular season consist of approximately 25 games and 6 tournaments. Through the summer months each of our Elite Teams will participate in two American Showcase Tournaments along with one Canadian. We’ve also introduced a Scarborough Combine which will run in both April and September each year where we will gather performance numbers on things like exit velocity, mound velocity, positions velocity, positional skill level, 60 - yard dash speed, home to first speed, vertical jump, etc. We believe this will not only give ourselves and our athletes a way to track their development but also put them in a position to see what it will be like if they decide to pursue Baseball at college or professional levels.

          Scarborough Stingers Elite Baseball program is open and willing to accommodate your personal needs.  For more information, please contact Frank Gallo 647-236-4095


          The goal for the Scarborough Stingers Organization, not only in Elite but for all the players and teams involved, is to create a positive learning environment to maximize players' understanding of the game of Baseball.  We believe in a team first mentality while understanding all athletes respond to learning in different ways. It is our obligation to take the time and effort to provide what works best for each individual player. Elite Baseball demands a self motivated athlete, one that is excited to train and looking to find different ways to improve themselves. Athletes should embrace high pressure situations and learn how to deal with both successes and failures that comes with them. We believe, in order to be a true Elite athlete, you must learn to deal with adversity with class, positive body language and general sportsmanship, which is never compromised in the level of play. Our ultimate goal is to help athletes use Baseball to build character and ultimately become positive and influential members of society.